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00 Template: metche/email
11 Type: string
22 Default: root
3 Description: Send the reports to this email address.
4 By default, metche is run periodically by a cron job which returns
5 reports containing changes made to:
6 - the changelog file(s),
7 - the watched directory,
8 - the list of installed Debian packages.
9 This option indicates to which email address those reports will be
10 sent and typically corresponds to your collective administration
11 mailing-list address.
3 Description: E-mail address receiving metche reports
4 metche monitors "system state" changes. With default settings, one hour
5 after the last change has been recorded, an e-mail report is sent discribing
6 changes to:
7 - files inside the watched directory (/etc by default),
8 - user maintainted changelog file(s) (if configured to do so),
9 - the list of installed Debian packages (if configured to do so).
1210 .
13 Note: metche is also able to use GnuPG to encrypt the email it sends,
14 but does not by default. See the man page and the configuration file
15 for more details.
11 Please enter the e-mail that should receive these reports. It typically
12 corresponds to the alias or mailling-list used by system administators for
13 this computer.
14 .
15 Note: by default, metche does not send detailed diffs describing files changes
16 as this can leak confidential information. If you want to use this feature,
17 we strongly encourage you to turn on GPG encryption at the same time.
18 See the metche(8) man page and the configuration file for more details.
1720 Template: metche/changelog/type
1821 Type: select
1922 Choices: Single changelog file, Multiple changelog files, No changelog monitoring
2023 Description: Changelog monitoring type.
21 Metche monitors changelogs written by the administrators of the
22 system, these changelogs contain comments describing the changes made
23 to the system. You can choose between two different types of
24 monitoring:
25 - Single changelog file monitoring or
26 - Multiple changelog files monitoring, in which each "Changelog"
27 file in sub-directories of a given directory will be monitored.
24 metche can monitor one or more changelogs written by the system
25 administrators.
26 .
27 These changelogs should contain comments describing the changes made
28 to the system. The easiest way to organize these comments is to put them all
29 together in one file.
30 .
31 Another possibility is to have a subdirectory for each administrative tasks
32 with a file named "Changelog". This way, you can store source code or
33 configuration examples along the documentation on how they have been used.
2935 Template: metche/changelog/file
3036 Type: string
3440 Template: metche/changelog/directory
3541 Type: string
3642 Description: Changelog directory to be monitored.
37 This option sets the path of the changelogs directory. Each
43 This option sets the path of the changelogs root directory. Each
3844 "Changelog" file should be in a sub-directory of this directory.
1515 <refsynopsisdiv>
1616 <cmdsynopsis>
1717 <command>metche</command>
18 <arg>-h <replaceable>host</replaceable></arg>
1918 <group choice="req">
2019 <arg>cron</arg>
2120 <arg>report
4039 <Para>metche is a tool meant to facilitate collective sysadmin by
4140 monitoring changes in the system configuration.</Para>
43 <Para>At least, metche monitors one directory, usually
42 <Para>metche basic usage is to monitor changes in a directory, usually
4443 <filename>/etc</filename> ; optionally, metche can also
4544 monitor:</Para>
4645 <ItemizedList>
8180 A notification is also sent when a new <emphasis>stable</emphasis> state is
8281 saved.</Para>
84 <!-- XXX: add a CONFIGURATION section -->
85 <Para><envar>WATCHED_DIR</envar> and <envar>CHANGELOG_DIR</envar> options
86 can me customized in metche's configuration file, as well as a few other
87 ones.</Para>
83 <Para>metche's configuration is read from
84 <filename>/etc/metche.conf</filename>. Various settings like changelog
85 monitoring or time between system state switches are described
86 there.</Para>
8988 </refsect1>
9089 <refsect1 id="options">
9291 <title>OPTIONS</title>
94 <Para>If <command>-h</command> <emphasis>HOST</emphasis> is specified,
95 <filename>/etc/metche/HOST.conf</filename> is used instead of
96 <filename>/etc/metche.conf</filename>. This, along with the
97 <envar>VSERVER_EXEC_PREFIX</envar> option, allows to monitor several
98 vservers running on a system.</Para>
10093 <Para>One of the following commands must be specified on the
10194 command line:</Para>
136129 </VariableList>
138131 </refsect1>
133 <refsect1 id="files"><title>FILES</title>
134 <Para><filename>/etc/metche.conf</filename> contains metche configuration.
135 </Para>
140 <refsect1 id="files"><title>FILES</title>
141 <Para><filename>/etc/metche.conf</filename> or
142 <filename>/etc/metche/*.conf</filename> : configuration file(s)</Para>
137 <Para>When configured to monitor one changelog,
138 <filename><envar>CHANGELOG_FLE</envar></filename> (default
139 <filename>/root/Changelog</filename>).
140 </Para>
144 <Para><filename><envar>CHANGELOG_DIR</envar>/*/Changelog</filename>
145 (default : <filename>/root/changelogs</filename>), if Changelog monitoring
146 is enabled : Changelog files location</Para>
142 <Para>When configured to monitor multiple changelogs,
143 <filename><envar>CHANGELOG_DIR</envar>/*/Changelog</filename>
144 (default : <filename>/root/changelogs</filename>).</Para>
148 <Para><filename><envar>BACKUP_DIR</envar></filename> : directory containing
149 the backups</Para>
146 <Para>System states are saved in
147 <filename><envar>BACKUP_DIR</envar></filename> (default
148 <filename>/var/lib/metche</filename>.</Para>
150149 </refsect1>
152151 <refsect1 id="security"><title>SECURITY</title>