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# unicode-match-property-value-ecmascript [![Build status](](

_unicode-match-property-value-ecmascript_ matches a given Unicode property value or [property value alias]( to its canonical property value without applying [loose matching](, per the algorithm used for [RegExp Unicode property escapes in ECMAScript]( Consider it a strict alternative to loose matching.

## Installation

To use _unicode-match-property-value-ecmascript_ programmatically, install it as a dependency via [npm](

$ npm install unicode-match-property-value-ecmascript

Then, `require` it:

const matchPropertyValue = require('unicode-match-property-value-ecmascript');

## API

This module exports a single function named `matchPropertyValue`.

### `matchPropertyValue(property, value)`

This function takes a string `property` that is a canonical/unaliased Unicode property name, and a string `value`. It attemps to  match `value` to a canonical Unicode property value for the given property. If there’s a match, it returns the canonical property value. Otherwise, it throws an exception.

// Find the canonical property value:
matchPropertyValue('Script_Extensions', 'Aghb')
// → 'Caucasian_Albanian'

matchPropertyValue('Script_Extensions', 'Caucasian_Albanian')
// → 'Caucasian_Albanian'

matchPropertyValue('script_extensions', 'Caucasian_Albanian') // Note: incorrect casing.
// → throws

matchPropertyValue('Script_Extensions', 'caucasian_albanian') // Note: incorrect casing.
// → throws

## Author

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| [Mathias Bynens]( |

## License

_unicode-match-property-value-ecmascript_ is available under the [MIT]( license.