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/************************* Required for every parser *************************/

/* Parses a string buffer with C/C++ code.
 * @param *buffer The string to parse.
 * @param length The length of the string to parse.
 * @param count Integer flag specifying whether or not to count lines. If yes,
 *   uses the Ragel machine optimized for counting. Otherwise uses the Ragel
 *   machine optimized for returning entity positions.
 * @param *callback Callback function. If count is set, callback is called for
 *   every line of code, comment, or blank with 'lcode', 'lcomment', and
 *   'lblank' respectively. Otherwise callback is called for each entity found.
void parse_c(char *buffer, int length, int count,
             void (*callback) (const char *lang, const char *entity, int s,
                               int e, void *udata),
             void *userdata
  ) {

  %% write init;
  cs = (count) ? c_en_c_line : c_en_c_entity;
  %% write exec;

  // if no newline at EOF; callback contents of last line
  if (count) { process_last_line(C_LANG) }