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19991002	ajv	created CVS repository
19991002	ajv	Started work on debugging issues
19991003	ajv	Moved main() to getopt for maintainability
19991003	ajv	Added all the support files, and ported the
			calibration suite
19991003	ajv	Removed multiple target support, debugged other printers
			Made recompilation to change things unnecessary
19991013	ajv	Added internationalisation support
			Added English man page
			Reduced getopt() to *BSD friendly version
			Fixed a bug that ajv found, and Giorgio fixed
			Updated the usage to include build version and all
19991020	ajv	Added back '-' and post-option file parsing
			Added I18N stuff
			Added "verbose" option to output to stderr
19991021	giorgio	Added all of Giorgio's patches
			Added X & Y offsets
19991021	ajv     FreeBSD fixes in Makefile
			Documentation update, including man page
19991105	ajv	Documentation update
			Dutch support - Jimmy Tak
			"letter" added as valid paper size - Ionutz Borcoman
			RedHat doco updated - Duncan Haldane
19991120	giorgio	Much faster output
			Much better printing in dark regions
			compression reenabled for black mode
			--eco mode
			bug fixes
19991127	giorgio	Changed back to standard Cartesian distance for colors
			Gamma correction tool (see separate archive)
			bug fixes in black printing
19991128	ajv	re-merged with Giorgio's code base
			All patches from 19991105 are back
			updated shift sizes in pnm2ppa.conf
			fixed permission problem with make install
			fixed "verbose" and "dump" pnm2ppa.conf keywords
19991204	duncan  "legal" (US Legal, 8.5in x 14in) added as a valid paper
			size  - Duncan Haldane <>
20000113	ajv	broke out image.c into several files in an attempt
			to add pgm support without major breakage
20000114	ajv	Finally fixed annoying memory bug. Both MAXLINES and
			Max Buf Lines must agree.
20000120	klamer	Patches to allow calibration to work again.
		mancini BeOS support
		duncan	RedHat Print filters added to CVS tree
	 	ajv	Fixed -v and moved yet another global into a struct
20000306        duncan  Lots of  little fixes; --fd working right now;
                        bidirectional shearing adjustments added (user
                        configurable entries "blackshear" and colorshear"
                        in pnm2ppa.conf.
20000311	duncan 	added : -B n option and "blackness n" config file
			entry to control black ink density (drops per
			pixel n = 0,1,2,3,4 ) default is 2.  Also there are
			now config file entries blackshear and colorshear
			for adjusting shearing in bidirectional printing.
			Fixed various bugs that broke HP820/1000 printing.
20000318	duncan	Color EcoMode printing now uses bidirectional
			printsweeps   (formerly only FastMode did this)
                        If gMaxPass = 1, you now get bidirectional sweeps
                        (in cut_im_color_swath() , cutswath.c)
20000326        duncan	** changes to dither.c: 
			on odd lines, black is
                        now processed (not color), even black pixels are 
			duplicated, so if either of two successive pixels are 
			black, they both are.  Changes also fix Tim's report
			about blurry black/white boundaries.
			** changes to image.c
			If the odd line is not printed
			(PixMap or EcoMode), image.c now stores the line, and 
			adds the black parts to the next even line.  
			This fixes a bug in where thin (one-pixel wide) black 
			lines (like enscript borders) could be lost because 
			black ink only printed  every second pixel, and odd 
			black lines were just copies of the preceeding even 
			line which had been stored.   
20000331	duncan	added support for large papersizes 11x17 and a3
			(for the 1000 series printers).  Added a 
			printer-specific max_pagewidth so papersizes that
			are too wide for a printer series will not print
			on that printer.
20000402	duncan	tweaked bidirectional sweep shearing correction.
			(removed the +1 right-to-left black shift in
			cut_im_black_swath() in cutswath.c  ).
                        I am not sure if the shearing correction is
			model or individual printer-specific. (I suspect
			the second case, in which case it is a calibration
                        issue (The HP Win9x software seems to have calibration
                        adjustments for blackshear.)  if any corrections
                        turn out to be generic to a given printer family,
			(rather than specific to a particular printer)
                        the default can be changed in defaults.h (the
                        variables are:
				printer->r2l_bw_offset    (=blackshear)
                        	printer->r2l_color_offset (=colorshear).
20000404	duncan	added support for pbmraw and pgmraw formats.
			all three pnmraw formats now work.
                        (changes in image.c, image.h )
20000405	duncan  added support for pgm, ppm, pbm  nonraw formats.
			added papersize autoconfiguring from the pnm
			header, so all ghostscript papersizes are now
                        supported (if the printer can accomodate them)
                        The -s option now only controls the gammafile
			creation papersize.     Made bidirectional
			printing the default (but this can be configured
                        with a "unimode 1" in pnm2ppa.conf, or --uni,
			--bi command line options.
20000408	duncan	graceful termination of print run if  pnm
			input is truncated (i.e., if read_line()
          		encounters EOF).  printer no longer hangs.
			Moved text strings to lang.h/text-en.h
20000423        duncan  clean up way things near sides of swath are
			handled in cutswath.c
20000710        duncan  in FS_Color_Dither(), use line[]= (1,1,1)
			not (0,0,0) for black replacement of dark
			pixels for which no color match is found.
			(fixes flashing LED on certain images - those with
			no black - with --eco on HP820)
                        (0,0,0) = black ink, (1,1,1) = gMaxPass drops of
                        each color.
20000928	duncan	in cutswath.c, if  the vertical position
			of the black and color sweeps differed by 1 , 2 or 3
                        dots, HP820 got "flashing light syndrome".
			Fixed by testing for this possibility, and
			if found, by reducing numlines, and padding the top
			of a swath with an (even) number of blank lines
			to  keep the height the same.
			(Thanks to Steven Elliott <>
                        for reporting this bug, and testing the fix.
20001010	ajv	made input of paths to gamma and config files secure
			against buffer overruns.   
	        duncan  In -g mode, check that gamma.ppm is not a symbolic
			link, and is a regular file, before writing to it
                        (but after opening it).

20001018        duncan 	clean up calibration program.  now called 
			calibrate_ppa.  It does most calibration now.

			moved the job of writing gamma.ppm for color 
			calibration to a new utility calibrate_ppa.c.  
			pnm2ppa -g now just prints the corresponding 
			test page. 		

			secured syslog messages.   No user input is
			sent to syslog.  syslog messages are wrapped, and can
                        be suppressed with a new keyword "silent 1"
			in /etc/pnm2ppa.conf  (but not in subsequently-read
			config files). all syslog activity now occurs
                        in syslog.c.
20001106		reduce memory footprint of calibrate_ppa
                        (it was 36MB!).
20001112                fix syslog silent/verbose usage; fix alignment
                        pattern bug in calibrate_ppa.  repaired the HP820
                        fix that got broken when the vertical offset was
                        redefined by 600 dots...
20010829        duncan	Change the preprocessor flag __BEOS__ to __NO_SYSLOG__
			as it is not BeOS specific (it supresses use of the
			System Log)    Added Makefile entries for Solaris, and
			 an INSTALL.SOLARIS file.

20020211	duncan	Cleanup C++-style comments (gives gcc compiler warnings)
			Small syslog.c/Makefile cleanups for Solaris.  
			Minor documentation updates.   Change a confusing
			syslog message about "unsupported PNM formats" so it is
			clear that the error was non-PNM input to pnm2ppa.
			Increase version to pnm2ppa-1.10
20020224	duncan	Reworked cutswath.c and ppa.c so print sweeps
			are sent separately by ppa_print_page()
			in cutswath.c to ppa_print_sweep() in ppa.c
                        (until now, they were going in groups of
                         gMaxPass= 4 at a time in color high quality mode)
			This will now permit improvement of the print sweep
			pattern, and make the code easier to understand
                        (easier to separate ppa stuff from image stuff)
			if someone wants to do a gimp-print PPA backend.

20020311	duncan	lots more (incremental) reworking of cutswath.c; 
			now it's pretty well modularized, reading the input
			image constructing the sweep data, constructing
			the nozzle data, are all done in separate functions
			now.  Also, modified image.c so the
			the expansion of data to ppm format
			(three bytes per 8 dots) is not done for
			pgm or pbm input (unless the -p option which uses
			colored ink to make black, and disbles the black
			ink is used). a new global variable gByteCount = 1 
			or 3 distingushes the two types of intermediate data 

			Also still TODO: I finally understood that 
			the striping of black parts of the image  when 
			e.g. the gs example file ""is printed in
			high-quality  mode is because the color and black
			sweeps are not aligned, so sometimes the color prints
			on top of black, sometimes the color prints  
			underneath black. If both types of ink are to be used
			at the same place, the simple solution is probably to 
			prevent black sweeps getting ahead of
			unprinted color in ppaprint_page() in cutswath.c.

20020526	duncan	solved the striping problem; reworked cutswath.c
			so black ink is never overprinted by color ink.

20020601	duncan	reworked the code that prevents color swaths
			and black swaths from having vertical_pos that
			differs by 1, 2 or 3 lines (needed for HP820C).
			(to go with the new swath-cutting algorithm).

			Added a method for recognising if input is a
			calibration page produced by calibrate_ppa,
			as these dont work correctly with the new
			swath-cutting algorithm.    (will restore
			a "legacy-style" (pnm2ppa-1.04-style) method
			for printing input that is detected to be 
			calibration pages) 
20020610	duncan	added a method for storing info on lines as
			they are read from the image. (whether they have black,
			and/or color data, etc.)  Helps a lot!
			final fixes to calibrate_ppa. new code seems to work
20020623	duncan	added a new command line option --dpi300 that
			interprets input resolution as 300dpi instead of 600dpi
20020930        duncan	enable compression of (color) data by default (only
			compression of black data was previously enabled).
			added a configuration file keyword "compression"
			to switch it off, in case there are problems ...
                        (color data compression seems to work on HP722C!)
20021005	duncan	disable logging of informational syslog messages by 
			default.  They can (only) be reenabled by "log_info 1" 
			in the default configuration file /etc/pnm2ppa.conf. 
                        (They will still go to stderr in "verbose" mode).
20021109	duncan	make "version 0" in the config file set the printer
			type to NOPRINTER, and abort printing if this is not
			subsequently set to a valid printer model.