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# HAProxy Exporter for Prometheus

This is a simple server that scrapes HAProxy stats and exports them via HTTP for
Prometheus consumption.

## Getting Started

To run it:

./haproxy_exporter [flags]

Help on flags:

./haproxy_exporter --help

For more information check the [source code documentation][gdocs]. All of the
core developers are accessible via the Prometheus Developers [mailinglist][].


## Usage

### HTTP stats URL

Specify custom URLs for the HAProxy stats port using the `--haproxy.scrape-uri`
flag. For example, if you have set `stats uri /baz`,

haproxy_exporter --haproxy.scrape-uri="http://localhost:5000/baz?stats;csv"

Or to scrape a remote host:

haproxy_exporter --haproxy.scrape-uri=";csv"

Note that the `;csv` is mandatory (and needs to be quoted).

If your stats port is protected by [basic auth][], add the credentials to the
scrape URL:

haproxy_exporter  --haproxy.scrape-uri=";csv"

You can also scrape HTTPS URLs. Certificate validation is enabled by default, but
you can disable it using the `--haproxy.ssl-verify=false` flag:

haproxy_exporter --no-haproxy.ssl-verify --haproxy.scrape-uri=";csv"

[basic auth]:

### Unix Sockets

As alternative to localhost HTTP a stats socket can be used. Enable the stats
socket in HAProxy with for example:

    stats socket /run/haproxy/admin.sock mode 660 level admin

The scrape URL uses the 'unix:' scheme:

haproxy_exporter --haproxy.scrape-uri=unix:/run/haproxy/admin.sock

### Docker

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[![Docker Pulls](][hub]

To run the haproxy exporter as a Docker container, run:

docker run -p 9101:9101 --haproxy.scrape-uri=";csv"


## Development

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### Building

make build

### Testing

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make test


## License

Apache License 2.0, see [LICENSE](