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This directory holds the distribution for ps-watcher, a program for
montoring a system via ps-like commands.

Short instructions. Download a distribution tarball, e.g. 

In a POSIX shell:

  release_name='1.09'  # or whatever your release tarball is
  tar -xpf ps-watcher-${release_name}.tar.bz2  # assumes a recent GNU tar
  cd ps-watcher-${release_name} && sh ./configure && make

If you get an error in configure above, See INSTALL.

If you want to customize were to pick up options like which perl to
use, where to install, where to save a pidfile, See "Operation
Controls" of INSTALL.

If "make" fails such as with a long message that includes:

  Need package "Config::IniFiles": Can't locate Config/ in ...

then you probably need to get Config::IniFiles from Perl's CPAN. 

However if the above works then...

  ./ps-watcher --nosyslog --log --config ./samples/sample.ini

and read the documentation to understand what you did.


Documentation is in docs directory. 

All of the source code is covered by the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC
LICENSE. See COPYING for details on this.

To use the program you will need Perl version 5.003 or greater 
installed and the following modules:


The only one of these that is not part of the core Perl distribution 
is Config::IniFiles which can be found at:

In order to run the program you'll need a configuration file to 
use. Some samples configuration files can be found in the samples 
directory. See the README in that directory for a description of 
what the configuration files do.

See INSTALL for generic GNU configure instructions.