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The best way to join the community and get involved is to talk with others
online or at a meetup and offer contributions. Here are some of the many
ways you can contribute to the Castellan project:

* Development and Code Reviews
* Bug reporting/Bug fixes
* Wiki and Documentation
* Blueprints/Specifications
* Testing
* Deployment scripts

Before you start contributing take a look at the `Openstack Developers Guide`_.

.. _`Openstack Developers Guide`:

Freenode IRC (Chat)
You can find Castellaneers in our publicly accessible channel on `freenode`_
``#openstack-barbican``. All conversations are logged and stored for your
convenience at ``_. For more information regarding
OpenStack IRC channels please visit the `OpenStack IRC Wiki`_.

.. _`freenode`:
.. _`OpenStack IRC Wiki`:
.. _``:

Like other OpenStack related projects, we utilize Launchpad for our bug
and release tracking.

* `Castellan Launchpad Project`_

.. _`Castellan Launchpad Project`:

.. note::

    Bugs should be filed on Launchpad, not Github.

Source Repository
Like other OpenStack related projects, the official Git repository is
available on `Castellan on GitHub`_.

.. _`Castellan on GitHub`:

Like other OpenStack related projects, we utilize the OpenStack Gerrit
review system for all code reviews. If you're unfamiliar with using
the OpenStack Gerrit review system, please review the `Gerrit Workflow`_
wiki documentation.

.. _`Gerrit Workflow`:

.. note::

    Pull requests submitted through GitHub will be ignored.