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Improve docs around configuring Castellan It wasn't clear to me as a newcomer how to init a CONF object with my own config file. Make the docs more clear around this. Also the context=None arg to credential_factory is not needed. Change-Id: Id633718fd19e0fe9b1627b64a2f50d751eeb93a2 Paul Bourke authored 6 years ago Paul Bourke (pbourke) committed 6 years ago
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6464 from castellan.common import utils
66 CONF = <your_configuration>
67 context = utils.credential_factory(conf=CONF, context=None)
66 CONF = cfg.CONF
67 CONF(default_config_files=['~/castellan.conf'])
68 context = utils.credential_factory(conf=CONF)
6970 Now you can go ahead and pass the context and use it for authentication.