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Include domain info when creating identity token Include the project domain info (name and ID) when creating an identity token that's associated with a RequestContext. This ensures the keystone v3 auth plugin will be used whenever possible. Without the domain info, the v2 plugin would be the only possible choice. Closes-Bug: #1733898 Change-Id: I8b177725db71002d8eca835a7d5367d7911cf347 Alan Bishop 5 years ago
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171171 return identity.Token(
172172 auth_url=self.conf.barbican.auth_endpoint,
173173 token=context.auth_token,
174 project_id=context.tenant)
174 project_id=context.project_id,
175 project_name=context.project_name,
176 project_domain_id=context.project_domain_id,
177 project_domain_name=context.project_domain_name)
175178 else:
176179 msg = _("context must be of type KeystonePassword, "
177180 "KeystoneToken, or RequestContext.")