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Use 'barbican_endpoint_type'config option to get endpoint from catalog _get_barbican_endpoint now uses barbican_endpoint_type config option to retrieve a correct endpoint from catalog. This config option is set to 'public' by default and it's a default value for ServiceCatalog.endpoint_data_for method. It means that the default behaviour will be the same as before this patch. Change-Id: Idf4061fe3e35e3c47a993a56b23c0257c92e5cc3 Ivan Kolodyazhny 3 years ago
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192192 return barbican.barbican_endpoint
193193 elif getattr(auth, 'service_catalog', None):
194194 endpoint_data = auth.service_catalog.endpoint_data_for(
195 service_type='key-manager')
195 service_type='key-manager',
196 interface=barbican.barbican_endpoint_type)
196197 return endpoint_data.url
197198 else:
198199 service_parameters = {'service_type': 'key-manager',
0 ---
1 fixes:
2 - |
3 ``barbican_endpoint_type`` is now used to retrieve Barbican endpoint URL
4 from service catalog. This config option is set to 'public' by default so
5 it will not change the current behaviour.