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Makes list method not abstract Any implementations of key_manager that don't have "list" defined (i.e. ConfKeyManager in Nova and Cinder) will not be instantiable if they try to use a version of Castellan that was released after "list" was added. Adds a default implementation of "list" that returns nothing for backwards compatibility. Closes-Bug: #1715451 Change-Id: I1e413831163bffaed3a2580f039e242da7d303f8 Kaitlin Farr 6 years ago
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109109 """
110110 pass
112 @abc.abstractmethod
113112 def list(self, context, object_type=None, metadata_only=False):
114113 """Lists the managed objects given the criteria.
122121 returned, depending on the metadata_only flag. If no objects are
123122 found, an empty list should be returned instead.
124123 """
125 pass
124 return []