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2121 # subprocess.CompletedProcess object
2222 # - process can run in a custom environment, either as a modification of
2323 # the current environment or in a new environment from scratch
24 # - stdin can be fed to the process, the returned dictionary contains
25 # information how much was read by the process
24 # - stdin can be fed to the process
2625 # - stdout and stderr is printed by default, can be disabled
2726 # - stdout and stderr can be passed to any arbitrary function for
2827 # live processing
309308 """
310309 A subprocess.CompletedProcess-like object containing the executed
311310 command, stdout and stderr (both as bytestrings), and the exitcode.
312 Further values such as process runtime can be accessed as dictionary
313 values.
314311 The check_returncode() function raises an exception if the process
315312 exited with a non-zero exit code.
316313 """
460457 instead of returning an object that can be checked
461458 for a timeout condition. Defaults to False, will be
462459 changed to True in a future release.
463 :return: A ReturnObject() containing the executed command, stdout and stderr
464 (both as bytestrings), and the exitcode. Further values such as
465 process runtime can be accessed as dictionary values.
460 :return: The exit code, stdout, stderr (separately, as byte strings)
461 as a subprocess.CompletedProcess object.
466462 """
468464 time_start = time.strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S GMT", time.gmtime())