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# Pygerrit2 - Client library for interacting with Gerrit Code Review's REST API


Pygerrit2 provides a simple interface for clients to interact with
[Gerrit Code Review][gerrit] via the REST API.

## Prerequisites

Pygerrit2 is compatible with Python 2.6 and Python 2.7.  Support for Python 3
is experimental.

Pygerrit2 depends on the [requests library][requests].

## Installation

To install pygerrit2, simply:

$ pip install pygerrit2

## Usage

This simple example shows how to get the user's open changes. Authentication
to Gerrit is done via HTTP Basic authentication, using an explicitly given
username and password:

from requests.auth import HTTPBasicAuth
from import GerritRestAPI

auth = HTTPBasicAuth('username', 'password')
rest = GerritRestAPI(url='', auth=auth)
changes = rest.get("/changes/?q=owner:self%20status:open")

Note that is is not necessary to add the `/a/` prefix on the endpoint
URLs. This is automatically added when the API is instantiated with an
authentication object.

If the user's HTTP username and password are defined in the `.netrc`

machine login MyUsername password MyPassword

then it is possible to authenticate with those credentials:

from import GerritRestAPI
from import HTTPBasicAuthFromNetrc

url = ''
auth = HTTPBasicAuthFromNetrc(url=url)
rest = GerritRestAPI(url=url, auth=auth)
changes = rest.get("/changes/?q=owner:self%20status:open")

Note that the HTTP password is not the same as the SSH password. For
instructions on how to obtain the HTTP password, refer to Gerrit's
[HTTP upload settings documentation][settings].

Also note that in Gerrit version 2.14, support for HTTP Digest authentication
was removed and only HTTP Basic authentication is supported. When using
pygerrit2 against an earlier Gerrit version, it may be necessary to replace
the `HTTPBasic...` classes with the corresponding `HTTPDigest...` versions.

Refer to the [example script][example] for a full working example.

# Copyright and License

Copyright 2011 Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2012 Sony Mobile Communications. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2016 David Pursehouse. All rights reserved.

Licensed under The MIT License.  Please refer to the [LICENSE file][license]
for full license details.