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ReadOSM is a simple library intended for extracting the contents from 
Open Street Map files: both input formats (.osm XML based and .osm.pbf
based on Google's Protocol Buffer serialization) are indifferently

Documentation is generated using Doxygen. You can run "doxygen" in the top level
directory to generate HTML and LaTeX documentation (in the html/ and latex/
directories respectively). You can generate a PDF format manual if you go into
the latex/ directory and type "make". The output should be a file called
refman.pdf. The HTML documentation is normally more useful.

Coverage testing
ReadOSM has coverage testing support. You need to have gcov and lcov installed.

1. Use --enable-gcov=yes with configure script
2. Clean and rebuild.
3. make coverage-init
4. make check (or whatever other tests you want to check coverage for)
5. make coverage
6. check summary on command line output.
7. review detailed coverage results in covresults/index.html