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list-rdeps: don't hide old-semver packages Ximin Luo 3 years ago
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7474 echo "Versions of rdeps of rust-${pkg} in $ARCHIVE, that also exist in $ARCHIVT:"
7575 local versions="$(apt_versions "~D^librust-${pkg}~(\+~|-[0-9]~).*-dev$")"
7676 printf "%s\n" "$versions" | grep "$ARCHIVE" | while read rdep ver archive; do
77 # we're interested in packages in both archives.
7778 if ! printf "%s\n" "$versions" | grep "$ARCHIVT" | grep -qF "$rdep"; then
78 # we're only interested in packages in both archives.
79 # if a pkg-ver is not in either archive, this doesn't affect the migration process
80 #
81 # FIXME: actually, this is not true in the case where we are upgrading
82 # X from version A to B in unstable, but we want to keep X-A in testing.
83 # In this case, X-A has to go through unstable first and we are interested
84 # in keeping this installable, so can't continue here...
85 continue
79 local rdepv="$(echo "$rdep" | sed -E -e 's/-[0-9.]+-dev$/-dev/')"
80 # we're also interested in old-semver packages where the main version is in testing,
81 # since this implies that we're interested in trying to migrate the old-semver package
82 if ! printf "%s\n" "$versions" | grep "$ARCHIVT" | grep -qF "$rdepv"; then
83 # if a rdep matches none of these, we're not interested (at this time) in migrating them;
84 # they will show up on `dev/` later in a more obvious way
85 continue
86 fi
8687 fi
8788 apt-cache show "${rdep}=${ver}" \
8889 | grep-dctrl -FDepends -e "librust-${pkg}(\+|-[0-9]).*-dev" -sPackage,Version,Depends - \