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To get set up, run::

  apt update && apt install debcargo

Then for each new package:

To package a new crate, or to update an existing crate


  ./ <rust-crate-name>  # or
  ./      <rust-crate-name>

and follow its instructions.

Note that ```` is just a symlink to ````, to help newcomers.

To package an older version of a crate

To maintain an old version of a crate alongside the latest one, first make sure
the latest version is packaged by doing all of the above, then run::

  ./ <rust-crate-name> <old-version>  # or
  ./      <rust-crate-name> <old-version>

and follow its instructions. To save time, you can first copy anything relevant
from ``src/<rust-crate-name>`` to ``src/<rust-crate-name>-<old-version>``, then
adapt it as needed.

To prepare a release


  ./ <rust-crate-name>                # or
  ./ <rust-crate-name> <old-version>  # as appropriate

This prepares the necessary Debian files in ``build/``, and creates a git
branch to manage the packaging until it is accepted in Debian itself. You need
to run additional commands after this - more specific instructions are given to
you about this, by the script after you run it.

Holding packages at old versions

If you need to keep the latest version in Debian at an older version than is
released on, e.g. to upload an important bugfix without being blocked
on having to package all the dependencies of the newest version, you can::

  REALVER=<old-version> ./  <rust-crate-name>  # then
  REALVER=<old-version> ./ <rust-crate-name>

DD instructions

To set up a suitable build environment for ``./``::

  $ sudo apt-get install devscripts reprepro debootstrap sbuild
  $ sudo sbuild-createchroot --include=eatmydata,ccache,gnupg,dh-cargo,cargo,lintian \
      --chroot-prefix debcargo-unstable unstable \

General packaging tips

Dependencies on clippy

Patch away dependencies on "clippy" unless it is a "real" dependency. Usually
crates only use clippy to lint themselves and it is not a "real" dependency
in the sense that they actually import clippy's code for what they do.

If you want to be sure, `rg clippy` and check that all the usages of it are
inside `cfg_attr` declarations. If so, then just get rid of it.

OS-specific crates

See redox-syscall for examples on how to deal with these.

If this is unclear, ask on IRC.

Architecture-specific crates

This is a bit harder. Usually there are two options:

1. The crate should build a dummy/no-op version of itself "out-of-the-box"
   on the architectures it doesn't work on.
2. Dependent crates should depend on it with a platform-specific dependency,

(1) involves less burden for others, both for dependent crates and for us
packagers, since we don't have to override d/rules to ignore test failures on
non-working architectures. You should communicate to upstream that this is
the preferred approach.

In the case of (2), the crate should document exactly what conditional should
be used, and keep this documentation up-to-date. This allows us to easily
determine if dependent crates are using the correct conditional. You will then
have to override d/rules for this crate, see src/simd for an example.

You should file a bug upstream if the crate does neither (1) nor document the
conditions for (2), e.g.

(Actually the above applies even for "OS-specific crates" but then (2) is
obvious so documentation is less necessary, and dependent crates all do it
correctly already.)


Don't file ITPs for library crates, but do file them for binary crates.

For now (updated 2018-09) we have several hundred crates to upload. Submitting
ITPs for these is unnecessary since we're the only ones uploading and there is
no chance of conflict. It would only be spam for the bug tracker. Please
instead co-ordinate uploads on the #debian-rust IRC channel.


For now, testsuites aren't executed for library.
However, for binary, it is strongly recommended to run the testsuites.
See ripgrep as example.


Maybe use ``--copyright-guess-harder``.

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