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#!/usr/bin/make -f
# Output a nice graph of why stuff isn't yet in Debian Testing.
# - Red oval nodes means it's not in Debian
# - Yellow oval nodes means it's in Debian, but something else needs a
#   different version of it.
# - For nodes with no children, it probably means that there is an older
#   version already in Debian Testing, and something else needs this specific
#   older version and can't work with the newer version. Unfortunately the
#   excuses page gives no more details about this, and you will have to ask
#   #debian-release to help you interpret
# Usage:
# $ dev/ refresh all

DST = rust-excuses.png rust-excuses-arch.png rust-regressions.list
DOWNLOAD = wget -N --no-use-server-timestamps

all: $(DST)

	rm -rf $(DST) $( excuses.yaml

	$(DOWNLOAD) rust-regressions.list: excuses.yaml dev/
	dev/ rust-regressions.list

	unflatten -c 10 "$<" | dot -Tpng > "$@"

.PHONY: refresh