Codebase list rust-stfu8 / dc938e6 add a warning when a package has an RFS but the distro has been updated Sylvestre Ledru 3 years ago
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77 continue
88 fi
99 echo -e "$(date -d@"$t") \e[32m$pkg\e[0m"
10 if ! head -1 $(dirname "$i")/changelog |grep -q UNRELEASED-FIXME-AUTOGENERATED-DEBCARGO; then
11 echo "\e[31mRFS but the first line of the changelog doesn't contain UNRELEASED-FIXME-AUTOGENERATED-DEBCARGO\e[0m"
12 fi
1013 # trim the content
1114 content=$(xargs '-d\n' echo -n < "$i")
1215 if test -n "$content"; then