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Merge branch 'rust-regressions' into 'master' Add missing_dependency check to See merge request rust-team/debcargo-conf!90 Ximin Luo 4 years ago
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3232 results["maybetestbroken_filemissing"]+="$name"$'\n'
3333 c=$((c+1))
3434 fi
35 if zgrep -q "^Broken autopkgtest-satdep" "$url"; then
36 results["missing_dependency"]+="$name"$'\n'
37 c=$((c+1))
38 fi
3539 if [ "$c" = 0 ]; then
3640 results["UNKNOWN"]+="$url"$'\n'
3741 results["UNKNOWN"]+="$(zgrep ^error "$url" | head -n3 || true)"$'\n'
5761 action["maybetestbroken_filemissing"]="Mark the relevant tests as test_is_broken=true in debcargo.toml, re-upload the package, and file a bug upstream for them to fix it."
5862 explain["maybetestbroken_filemissing"]="Carge does not enforce that tests pass per-crate, so sometimes crate authors run tests on a per-workspace basis and have crate tests depend on files in the parent workspace, which are not part of the crate when uploaded to"
64 action["missing_dependency"]="Package the missing dev-dependencies."
65 explain["missing_dependency"]="autopkgtest cannot install all dependencies. Check the dev-dependencies section in the Cargo.toml or the Testsuite-Triggers field in the dsc file to see a list of additional autopkgtest dependencies, or inspect the full log to find the missing packages."
6067 if [ -z "$*" ]; then
6168 if ! [ -f rust-regressions.list ]; then