Codebase list rust-stfu8 / f890c34 reset the append-only option lists sbuild arguments like --autopkgtest-opt (and -opts) append the specified options to associated config file list (in this case autopkgtest_opts). This can lead to a broken configuration. For example in ~/.sbuildrc I have: $autopkgtest_opts = ['--', 'schroot', '%r-%a-sbuild']; and I can't use as is as it passes (basically) the same options to sbuild via --autopkgtest-opts, and the resulting option list with duplicate entries doesn't work. This change ensures that the append-only option lists uses are reset to empty lists. Paride Legovini 3 years ago
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144144 LINTIAN_OPTS=([0]="--lintian-opt=--suppress-tags" [1]="--lintian-opt=bad-distribution-in-changes-file")
145145 fi
147 sbuild --no-source --arch-any --arch-all \
147 SBUILD_CONFIG="$SCRIPTDIR/dev/sbuildrc" sbuild --no-source --arch-any --arch-all \
148148 ${CHROOT:+-c $CHROOT} \
150150 "${EXTRA_DEBS_SBUILD[@]}" \
0 # The following options can be only appended to from the command line.
1 # Let's reset them to empty lists to override the users's ~/.sbuildrc.
3 $lintian_opts = [];
4 $autopkgtest_root_args = [];
5 $autopkgtest_opts = [];