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Fix typo in a Butthead-mode message I don't remember having heard Butthead saying "forst" instead of "first" nor do I remember him having a specific accent. So I assume this was a typo ("i" is a neighbor key to "o") and not trying to immitate some accent. JFTR: This message was not even in the original 1.2 code, so it seems to have been added by Pawel in 2.0. Axel Beckert 5 years ago
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1010 * Change original source URL in debian/copyright to HTTPS, too.
1111 * Bump debhelper compatibility level to 11.
1212 + Update versioned build-dependency on debhelper accordingly.
13 * Fix typo in a Butthead-mode message.
1415 -- Axel Beckert <> Sat, 08 Oct 2016 12:12:39 +0200
8484 if [ "$SLAY_BUTTHEAD" = "on" ]
8585 then
8686 echo " Like, kills people and stuff."
87 echo " With -clean kicks ass forst and then does real pain."
87 echo " With -clean kicks ass first and then does real pain."
8888 else
8989 echo " Kills all processes belonging to any of the given names."
9090 echo " Use -clean as a signal name to kill with TERM first and then with KILL."