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Granular sound synthesis interface

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SoundGrain is a graphical interface where users can draw 
and edit trajectories to control granular sound synthesis 

Official web site

To download the latest stable version of Soundgrain, go to 
`the official web site! <>`_


**Minimum versions (for running Soundgrain from sources):**

* `Python 3.5 <>`_ or
  `Python 3.6 <>`_ (prefered).
The programming language used to code the application.

* `WxPython 4.0.0 (Phoenix) <>`_
The toolkit used to create the graphical interface. (install with `pip install wxPython`)

* `pyo 0.8.7 <>`_
The audio engine which gives his power to Soundgrain.

* `python-markdown 2.6.2 <>`_
The markdown package used to format the builtin documentation.