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Version 1.0 - 15/2/13
- initial release

Version 1.1 - 12/4/13

Minor changes
- add timeout on slimproto connection to detect dead server
- fix issue with clipping on windows by disabling portaudio dither
- silence alsa error messages on linux alsa builds unless debugging is enabled
- hide some additional error messages unless debuging is enabled so usb dacs produce less error messages when turned off and on 

Version 1.2 - 6/7/13

- support of upsampling via libsoxr

Minor changes
- command line option for setting the service address now requires "-s" before the server address
- fixes a bug where the channels could become swapped when using S16_LE ALSA output
- falls back to polling for a new server if one is not found for more than 30 seconds
- fixes play of wav/aiff local files when the LocalPlayer plugin is active

Version 1.3 - 6/10/13

- support for wma/alac decode via ffmpeg library (requires compilation with -DFFMPEG)
- support for export of audio data to jivelite to enable visulizations on linux (requires compilation with -DVISEXPORT)

Minor changes
- support async as well as sync resampling rates
- support on/off of audio device with portaudio
- improved gapless support for aac/mad when skipping to mid track (based on patches from Wouter Ellenbroek)
- various bug fixes

Version 1.3.1 - 25/11/13

Minor changes
- support of compile time linking for distro packaging, uses -DLINKALL option
Version 1.4 28/12/13

- native support of dsd playback to dop capable dac or via conversion to pcm and resampling
- support dop in flac playback to dop dacs
- support of output to stdout

Minor changes
- support of resampling only when sample rate is not natively supported
- fix problem with libmpg123 playback not playing to end of track
- add ablity for player name change to be stored locally in a file (to emulate hardware where name is stored on player)
Version 1.5 12/1/14

Minor changes
- add configurable delay for switch between pcm and dop
- allow visexport to work with jivelite running as any user
- bug fixes for dsf playback, for status progress on windows using wdm-ks output, and to avoid 100% cpu
- change some logging levels for slimproto to aid readability

Version 1.6 23/3/14

Minor changes
- add support for direct file playback on windows
- add configurable delay for switch between pcm sample rates
- support build on freebsd
- fix gapless playback on portaudio builds
- fix gapless playback for mp3 localfile case with tags at start of file

Version 1.6.1 22/4/14

Minor changes
- fix bug with PA version changing sample rate between tracks
- fix crash when skipping in ogg while resampling
- fix typo

Version 1.6.2 26/5/14

Minor changes
- fix XRUN on track change when resampling on low power cpus
- log command line to logfile when debugging enabled
- option to exclude codecs (-e)
- support parallel execution of libsoxr

Version 1.6.3 14/6/14

Minor changes
- reduce time to start track when playing local files
- disable use of OPENMP when RESAMPLE build option defined, add new option RESAMPLE_MP to enable it

Version 1.6.4 7/7/14

Minor changes
- improve synchronisation feedback accuracy