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I said:

> On my system the program can segfault when a report is being generated
> under certain conditions. This happens when the c++ STL sort function is
> called too often. Sorting is used to speed up access to the tables and
> reduce the time you have to wait for a report to complete.

The problem has been found and fixed by Mike Reid (a fellow New Zealander.)
I was dereferencing a null pointer in one function and writing to a string
that had been c_str() in another - pretty big coding mistakes if you ask me.
Naughty boy etc.

For stability reasons my routines are still used, however this is not the
fastest solution. You can get about a 20% speed boost if you set
"bRepMySort" to "no", as I previously explained:

> There are two variables in squidview.conf which direct sorting operations.
> "bRepMySort" can be set to "yes" to use my sort routines, or "no" otherwise.
> "iRepFast" is an integer. After this many lines of processing a sort is made.
> Therefore the smaller this number the more often sorts are made. I've
> settled on a 10000 value for this; your mileage may vary. Making "iRepFast"
> 0 disables sorting completely. Squidview catches segfaults and will tell you
> if it happened during the STL sort.