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What is this?

Pippy allows the student to examine, execute, and modify simple Python programs.  In addition it is possible to write Python statements to play sounds, calculate  expressions, or make simple text based interactive games.

How to use?

Pippy is part of the Sugar desktop.  Please refer to;

* [How to Get Sugar on](,
* [How to use Sugar](,
* [How to use Pippy](

How to upgrade?

On Sugar desktop systems;
* use [My Settings](, [Software Update](

How to integrate?

On Debian and Ubuntu systems;

apt install sugar-pippy-activity

On Fedora systems;

dnf install sugar-pippy

Pippy depends on Python, [Sugar
Toolkit](, Cairo,
Telepathy, GTK+ 3,
[GtkSourceView](, Pango,
Vte, Box2d and Pygame.

Pippy is started by [Sugar](

Pippy is packaged by Linux distributions;
* [Fedora package sugar-pippy](
* [Debian package sugar-pippy-activity](