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What is this?

Write is a word processor activity for the Sugar desktop.

Write embeds the AbiWord word processor, and can be used to write and edit text documents.

How to use?

Write is part of the Sugar desktop and is always included.  Please refer to;

* [How to Get Sugar on](,
* [How to use Sugar](, and;
* [How to use Write](

How to upgrade?

On Sugar desktop systems;
* use [My Settings](, [Software Update](, or;
* use Browse to open [](, search for `Write`, then download.

How to integrate?

Write depends on AbiWord, Python, [Sugar Toolkit for GTK+ 3](, GStreamer 1, GTK+ 3, Telepathy, and gst-plugins-espeak.

Write is started by [Sugar](

Write is [packaged by Fedora](  On Fedora systems;

dnf install sugar-write

Write is packaged by Debian and Ubuntu distributions.  On Debian and Ubuntu systems;

apt install sugar-write-activity