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.TH TECKIT_COMPILE 1 "2015-11-14" "TECkit"
teckit_compile \- manual page for command line error at --version
.B teckit_compile
[\fI\,-u\/\fR] [\fI\,-x\/\fR] [\fI\,-z\/\fR] \fI\,mapping_description \/\fR[\fI\,-o compiled_table\/\fR]
Required argument:
\fBsource\fR mapping description (.map) file
Optional arguments:
.BR \fB\-o\fR file
output compiled table (.tec) file ("\-" for stdout)
.BR \fB\-u\fR
read source text as UTF8 even if no BOM found
.BR \fB\-x\fR
generate XML representation rather than compiled table
.BR \fB\-z\fR
generate uncompressed table format
.SH Further Information
For further information see the document TECkit_Tools.pdf.
A description of the mapping description language used by the compiler, with examples, is found in TECkit_Language.pdf.
On a Debian system, these can be found in /usr/share/doc/teckit.