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#pragma once

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include <locale>

// Provide std::char_traits specialization for unsigned short.

// This is adequate for SFconv but may not work for all purposes

namespace std
    struct char_traits<unsigned short>
      typedef unsigned short	char_type;

      // NB: this type should be bigger than char_type, so as to
      // properly hold EOF values in addition to the full range of
      // char_type values.
      typedef unsigned long     int_type;

      typedef streampos         pos_type;
      typedef streamoff         off_type;
      typedef mbstate_t         state_type;
      static void 
      assign(char_type& __c1, const char_type& __c2)
      { __c1 = __c2; }

      static bool 
      eq(const char_type& __c1, const char_type& __c2)
      { return __c1 == __c2; }

      static bool 
      lt(const char_type& __c1, const char_type& __c2)
      { return __c1 < __c2; }

      static int 
      compare(const char_type* __s1, const char_type* __s2, size_t __n)
        for (size_t __i = 0; __i < __n; ++__i)
          if (!eq(__s1[__i], __s2[__i]))
            return lt(__s1[__i], __s2[__i]) ? -1 : 1;
        return 0; 

      static size_t
      length(const char_type* __s)
        const char_type* __p = __s; 
        while (*__p) ++__p; 
        return static_cast<size_t>(__p - __s);

      static const char_type* 
      find(const char_type* __s, size_t __n, const char_type& __a)
        for (const char_type* __p = __s; size_t(__p - __s) < __n; ++__p)
          if (*__p == __a) return __p;
        return 0;

      static char_type* 
      move(char_type* __s1, const char_type* __s2, size_t __n)
      { return static_cast<char_type*>(memmove(__s1, __s2, __n * sizeof(char_type))); }

      static char_type* 
      copy(char_type* __s1, const char_type* __s2, size_t __n)
      { return static_cast<char_type*>(memcpy(__s1, __s2, __n * sizeof(char_type))); }

      static char_type* 
      assign(char_type* __s, size_t __n, char_type __a)
        for (char_type* __p = __s; __p < __s + __n; ++__p) 
          assign(*__p, __a);
        return __s; 

      static char_type 
      to_char_type(const int_type& __c)
      { return char_type(__c); }

      static int_type 
      to_int_type(const char_type& __c) { return int_type(__c); }

      static bool 
      eq_int_type(const int_type& __c1, const int_type& __c2)
      { return __c1 == __c2; }

      static int_type 
      eof() { return int_type(-1); }

      static int_type 
      not_eof(const int_type& __c)
      { return eq_int_type(__c, eof()) ? int_type(0) : __c; }