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.TH SFCONV 1 "2015-11-13" "TECkit"
sfconv \- A tool for converting the encoding of Standard Format (SF) files
.SS "8-bit to Unicode:"
sfconv \fB\-8u\fR [\-utf8|\-be|\-le] [\-bom] \fB\-c\fR ControlFile [\-d MappingDirectory] \fB\-i\fR InFile \fB\-o\fR OutFile
.SS "Unicode to 8-bit:"
sfconv \fB\-u8\fR [\-utf8|\-be|\-le] \fB\-c\fR ControlFile [\-d MappingDirectory] \fB\-i\fR InFile \fB\-o\fR OutFile
A tool for converting Standard Format (SF) files is included in the current TECkit package.
This is \fBsfconv\fR , a command-line tool that uses an XML “control file” to specify the
mappings associated with the various markers in an SF file. Note that the current SFconv tool
should be considered a prototype rather than a full solution to the issue of SF conversions. A
more complete tool with an improved user interface would be desirable.
The SFconv utility uses command-line options to specify the conversion direction,
control file, and input and output files. The required arguments are:
.BR  \-8u | \-u8
conversion direction: 8-bit to Unicode or vice versa
.BR  \-c  controlFile
specifies XML control file
.BR  \-i  inFile
specifies filename of input SF file
.BR  \-o  outFile
specifies filename for converted output

In addition, the following optional arguments may be used if appropriate:
.BR  \-d mappingDir
directory where mapping files ( .tec files) are to be found
.BR  \-utf8 | \-be | \-le
Unicode encoding form: UTF-8, UTF-16BE, or UTF16-LE (default is UTF8 for output, or detected from input file if BOM is present)
.BR  \-bom
(only when mapping to Unicode) write initial BOM to the output file
.BR  \-nfc | \-nfd
(only when mapping to Unicode) normalize to NFC or NFD
.SH Further Information
For further information see the document TECkit_Tools.pdf.
On a Debian system, this can be found in /usr/share/doc/teckit.