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Texinfo authors.

  Copyright 2003-2019 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
  Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
  are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
  notice and this notice are preserved.

Adrian Aichner		texi2html.
Olaf Bachmann		texi2html.
Karl Berry		all files.
Per Bothner		makeinfo/xml.c, makeinfo/docbook.c updates.
Torsten Bronger         texinfo.dtd.
Bob Chassell		texinfo.tex, original texinfo.txi.
Lionel Cons		original texi2html.
Akim Demaille		texi2dvi, util/* tests.
Patrice Dumas		texi2html, texi2html.texi, texinfo.txi, tp author.
Alper Ersoy		makeinfo: enhancements in all files, especially
                          html-, xml-, and docbook-related.
Brian Fox		all makeinfo/* and info/* files, info-stnd.texi.
Noah Friedman		original texi2dvi.
Oleg Katsitadze		doc/*
Dave Love		original makeinfo/html.[ch].
Karl Heinz Marbaise	original makeinfo language support, most files,
			  texi2html manual.
Philippe Martin		original makeinfo xml/docbook output.
Sergey Poznyakoff	all files.
Derek Price		texi2html.
Arnold Robbins		literate (texi+awk) texindex.
Paul Rubin		original makeinfo/multi.c.
Andreas Schwab		texinfo.tex,, most makeinfo files.
Gavin Smith		all files.
Richard Stallman	original texinfo.tex, install-info.c,
			texindex.c, texinfo.txi.
Zack Weinberg		texinfo.tex: @macro implementation.
Ralf Wildenhues		util/, makeinfo/tests/*,
			makeinfo/html.c, makeinfo/cmds.c, makeinfo/footnote.c,
Eli Zaretskii		all files.

See for the
translation teams for a given language LL.  Additional info for
original texi2html translations:
fr:    Patrice Dumas and Jean-Charles Malahieude
de:    Reinhold Kainhofer
pt:    Jorge Barros de Abreu
ja:    Found in Fedora. Don't know the author.
es:    Francisco Vila
it:    Federico Bruni
hu:    Dénes Harmath

Images in the images directory come from the Singular project:

Many files included in the Texinfo distribution are copied from other
locations, no author information is given for those.  See util/srclist*.