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tigr-glimmer for Debian

The glimmer software of the TIGR institute was renamed to tigr-glimmer
because of a name conflict with the GNOME library.  The package works
for me, most efforts went into the reformatting of the readme files
for the man pages, feedback is welcome. 

The upstream authors are very supportive of this debian package for
their software and I thank them for this.

In version 2.13-1, the binaries and man pages all have a prefix "tigr-"
to avoid conflicts with other programs, with extract in particular.
This was changed in the current packaging of version 3.x in favour of
putting the executables under /usr/lib/tigr-glimmer.  A wrapper is
provided that enables to call the binaries via

    tigr-glimmer <binary>

(see man tigr-glimmer).  Alternatively you might add this directory
to your search PATH to call the binaries directly.

 -- Steffen Moeller <>, Thu, 10 Nov 2004 12:33:46 +0100