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.TH TIGR-GLIMMER 1 "April 16, 2008"
tigr-glimmer \- runs various programs of the TIGR Glimmer suite
.B tigr-glimmer
.B program
This manual page documents briefly the
.B tigr-glimmer
wrapper to the TIGR Glimmer programs.
This manual page was written for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution
because upstream does not provide this wrapper and it was invented
for Debian to avoid conflicts with other packages that might cause
a name space pollution.
\fBtigr-glimmer\fP is just a wrapper that invokes the various programs in
the TIGR Glimmer software package. You can get more detailed documentation
in /usr/share/doc/tigr-glimmer.  Please note that the documentation there
is a part of the former version Glimmer 2.  The version Glimmer 3 has
some features that were described in the notes.pdf document inside
the documentation directory.
The following programs are included: anomaly, build-fixed, build-icm,
entropy-profile, entropy-score, extract, glimmer3, long-orfs, multi-extract,
score-fixed, start-codon-distrib, test, uncovered and window-acgt.
There are no options.
.IP tigr-glimmer\ build-icm
.IP tigr-glimmer\ long-orfs
For the pre previously packaged version Glimmer2 some text files from
the documentation were turned to man pages for the Debian GNU/Linux
distribution by Steffen Moeller <>
This manual page was written by Andreas Tille <>, for
the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).