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      - added feof() calls to fgets() and fgetchar() instances so end-of
        file is correctly determined under AIX
      - supplemented code to handle special characters specified with
        two hex characters (e.g. \'81\'83) as output by some RTF
	writers.  This code is experimental, and uses the SHIFT_JIS
	codepage for conversion.
      - definitions in html.config changed to ensure values of markup variables
        are enclosed in double quotes, e.g. size="3" instead of size=3.  This
	is a first step towards supporting production of XHTML.
      - fixed strings in unicode_to_string() (unicode.c) to be null
	terminated instead of newline terminated.  This prevents spurious
	newline output after characters in Symbol font.  It also overcomes a
	fault whereby characters in the symbol font were being output as
	unicode instead of the desired entities defined in the output
      - suppressed output of <font face="Symbol"> as this is wrong if
	characters are changed to unicode or entities
      - changed path set with -P to be directory containing the output
	charmaps specifications, and changed the default path to
	/usr/local/lib/unrtf for the same reason.  This makes it possible
	to set a different default path, useful for example if one cannot
	install files in /usr/local/lib.
      - dropped "outputs" and "charmaps" sub-directories in the configuration
        directory.  Output configuration files are now named "html.conf",
	"text.conf" etc. and the symbol font charmap file is "SYMBOL.charmap".
      - charmap specifications now sought in the search path
      - compensate for RTF with unicodes specified as negative numbers,
	possibly due to overflow on a 16bit machine?
      - changed processing of --html (etc.) args so that "-t html" and
	"--html" are equivalent, i.e. both subject to search path set with