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Overall changes for GNU UnRTF
0.1: original version, known as "rtf2htm"
0.2: first Linux version
0.3: addition of hash storage for all strings
0.4: support for a few HTML special exprs
0.5: tables finally work
0.6: addition of usage()
0.7: added special chars, \tab, info group, <body>
0.8: font table support

0.9.0: images are stored to files
0.9.1: pict files extensions a bit more accurate
0.9.2: font size changes (\fs) more accurate.
0.9.3: fixed bug regarding where <body> goes
0.9.4: added -nopict option
0.9.5: fixed table data printing.
0.9.6: if >1 \cell in a group, font attrs affect all.
0.9.7: Chunk class renamed Word

0.10.0: input file type is checked, -echo renamed -dump
0.11.0: addition of ANSI->HTML conversion, plus limited Mac->HTML
0.11.1: unknown chars are printed as <!--0x##-->

0.12.0: separated parser from word module
0.12.1: added -version option
0.12.2: backslash-newline is now \par
0.12.3: added default font families (\fswiss etc)
0.12.4: added blurb about program in the output HTML
0.12.5: added recognition of files with ".RTF" ending, not just ".rtf"
0.12.6: added charset tables for CP437 and CP850
0.12.7: fixed bug preventing \'## sequences from being translated
0.12.8: removed size limit for words, verified DJGPP compilation works.
0.12.9: compilation bugfix, fixed author/date information
0.12.10: added --simple switch for generating HTML without SPAN/DIV tags

0.13.0: paragraph alignment added
0.13.1: fix for words getting lost after \par
0.13.2: fix for color table not being recognized

0.14.0: separation of word and convert modules
0.14.1: fixed color table indexing, added support for font background color.
0.14.2: updated parsing mechanism
0.14.3: fix for DIV nesting; fix for NS's hiding any table within a span.
0.14.4: fix for color table parsing; added better underline/strikethru support.

0.15.0: hashing of RTF keywords in convert.c; moved much code out of convert.c
0.15.1: removed null entries from special.c to reduce program size
0.15.2: removed no-op entries from hash in convert.c to reduce program size
0.15.3: first 16-bit MSDOS executable
0.15.4: fixed paragraph alignment not getting cleared by \pard
0.15.5: updated code to produce as few paragraph alignment tags as possible

0.16.0: added input buffering to improve speed
0.16.1: bugfix for printing of debugging strings stored in command hash

0.17.0: hyperlink support added
0.17.1: added support for several font attributes e.g. smallcaps, caps, \expand
0.17.2: added Amiga(TM) compilation support
0.17.3: fixed problem in interpretation of RTF command words
0.17.4: changed attr.c to use AttrStack (stack of stacks) paradigm
----program renamed UnRTF----
0.17.5: began implementation of output personalities; wrote HTML personality.
0.17.6: added text and vt personalities
0.17.7: began addition of PostScript(TM) and LaTeX and WPML output
0.17.8: first fully commented version, removed "last change" lines
0.17.9: fixed translation between character sets
0.17.10: PS now supports underline, strikethrough, shadowed text
0.17.11: PS now uses ISOLatin1Encoding
0.17.12: PS now supports these fonts: Times,Courier,Symbol,Helvetica

----program is now GNU UnRTF----
0.18.0: updates to comments, documentation to reflect inclusion in GNU suite.
0.18.1: updated manual

0.19.1: new maintainers: minor fixes to prevent segmentation violations;
	further special character code; minor cleanups
0.19.2: updated some files;
0.19.3: fix bug #225592: null pointer param in convert.c    
0.19.4: added unicode support
0.19.5: removed defective PS support and non-free text files
	more unicode support
	improved symbol font support - no longer puts entities in latex output
	Bug#266020 concerning double slashes fixed
	Bug#269054 concerning Doctype fixed
	Bug#287038 security breach fixed 
		(thanks to Joey Hess <>) 
0.19.6: fix some latex problems
0.19.7:	updated FSF address
0.19.8: minor fixes
0.19.9: included verbose mode
0.20.0: new build system by Claudio Fontana <>
	fixed creation date spelling and added support for accented characters
	in titles from Laurent Monin
0.20.1: minor fix in convert.c for Solaris System
0.20.2: minor fix to unterminated comment output, added attr_get_param()
0.20.3: Greek font support added, fix to UTF character processing
0.20.4: nopict mode bug fixes
0.20.5: added --noremap option, some html entity corrections, updated to GPL v3

  LaTeX is a system of macros for TeX by Leslie Lamport.