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UnRTF by Zach Smith

A few tasks that need doing as of 18 Sept 01

* Make sure --inline still works; limit it to HTML.

* Add a module for an intermediate character set for charset 

* Finish output personalities for LaTeX, PostScript, text, vt, WPML.
	- Postscript word-level metrics and printing.
	- Postscript paragraph alignment.
	- Postscript tables.
	- Postscript more font faces.
	- Does LaTeX support emboss, engrave, outline, shadow?

* Point-lists -- rather important.

* Index entries.

* TOC entries.

* Headers.

* Footers.

* Add support for line-based images (the RTF "shape" concept), 
  converting to Beest format or another?

* Centering not working within tables?

* HTML: javascript-based shadow/outline/emboss/engrave ?

* Style sheet support?

* HTML: Multiple columns kludge using tables or layers? 

* Need to support more Mac RTF special expressions.