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2008-03-09  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	Added -plugin sub RPM, disabled by default, except for autobuild
	[efcac0fc56b5] [tip]

2008-03-08  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	Relax firefox plugin version to 1.5.0

2008-03-07  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* src/main.c:
	Disable scaling by default if running on composited window

	* src/main.c:
	Block view menu accelerator & remove debug

	* src/main.c,
	Added support for desktop scaling with OpenGL

2008-03-05  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* .hgignore, acinclude.m4,,,,
	plugin/, plugin/npshell.c, plugin/npunix.c, plugin/virt-
	viewer-plugin.c, src/main.c:
	Kill automake portability warnings. Use a config.h Cleanup misc
	build issues. Build with fatal compile warnings

	* src/main.c:
	Disable menu accelerators when keyboard is grabbed (Chris Lalancett)

	Fix type in output (Chris Lalancett)

2008-01-25  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* .hgignore,,,,
	plugin/, plugin/npshell.c, plugin/npunix.c,
	plugin/test.html, plugin/virt-viewer-plugin.c, plugin/virt-viewer-
	Added browser plugin (Richard Jones)

	* AUTHORS, src/, src/main.c, src/viewer.h:
	Refactor main method for viewer to prepare for plugin (Richard Jones

2008-01-11  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* src/main.c:
	Whitespace fix

	* src/main.c:
	Hide chars in passwd field

2008-01-10  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* AUTHORS, NEWS, README, man/virt-viewer.pod, src/main.c:
	Fix a few typos (Atsushi SAKAI)

2007-11-29  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* AUTHORS, src/main.c:
	Use proper domain name in title bar, rather than VNC server title

2007-08-28  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* .hgtags:
	Added tag release-0.0.2 for changeset f3accb51c6f5

	* src/main.c:
	Fix crash with no transport
	[f3accb51c6f5] [release-0.0.2]

	* ChangeLog, NEWS,,
	New release 0.0.2

	* man/virt-viewer.pod:
	Document the '--direct' option

	* src/main.c:
	Support TLS credentials & improved SSH tunnelling

	* src/main.c:
	Support for connecting over an SSH tunnel

2007-08-27  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* Merge

	* src/main.c:
	Added initial ability to connect remote hosts

	* src/main.c:
	Disable debug flag

	* src/main.c:
	Fixed delete-event handler args

2007-08-15  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>


	* .hgtags:
	Added tag release-0.0.1 for changeset 2b78ab2d18ce

	Fixed build requires & group. Removed exclusivearch
	[2b78ab2d18ce] [release-0.0.1]

	Fill out authors, news & readme

2007-07-20  "Daniel P. Berrange  <>

	* src/main.c:
	Connected up screenshot & about menus

	*,, man/, man/virt-viewer.pod,
	Added manual page

	* .hgignore, AUTHORS, ChangeLog,, NEWS, README,
	src/, src/main.c,
	Initial commit