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  Virt Viewer News

0.2.0: July 20, 2009

  - Switch UI over to use Glade
  - Support graphical dialog for VNC and libvirt authentication
  - Resize window to match VNC desktop size where possible
  - Scale down VNC desktop if it cannot fit in host desktop space
  - Allow user to resize window to arbitrary size, scaling VNC
  - Fix blocking of accelerators
  - Allow automatic reconnect to a VM via --reconnect
  - Use libvirt events to detect when VM changes state
  - Wait for VM to appear if it does not exist
  - Fix plugin build with newer xulrunner
  - Port & build for Mingw32 target

0.0.3: March 10, 2008

  - Block accelerators when grab is active
  - Enable smooth scaling of desktop to fill screen
  - Added an experimental firefox plugin (disabled by default)
  - Hide characters in password entry field
  - Use domain name in title bar instead of VNC desktop name

0.0.2: August 28, 2007

  - Support connecting to remote libvirt servers
  - Support connecting to remote VNC consoles
  - Support tunneling VNC over SSH
  - Support TLS x509 certificate credentials

0.0.1: August 15, 2007

  - Initial release