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  Virt Viewer News

1.0: Jul 21, 2014

  - Switched to 2-digit version numbering.
  - Improve error reporting when failing to find
    the GtkBuilder UI files
  - Honour title provided by SPICE server if available
  - Don't hide main window when disconnecting in multi-monitor
  - Don't show VNC widget until authentication has completed
  - Fix session handling when re-authenticating
  - Improve docs for --attach flag
  - Ask for credentials for SPICE proxy
  - Fix scaling of windows when resizing
  - Remove 'Automatically resize' menu, leaving the behaviour
    permanently enabled
  - Improve USB icon in full screen toolbar
  - Don't resize guest when changing zoom level
  - Don't create windows at startup if kiosk mode isn't enabled
  - Don't show quit confirmation dialog in kiosk mode
  - Misc typos / fixes in man pages
  - Fix race with metacity window manager in fullscreen mode
  - Avoid accidentally connecting to localhost with --direct flag
  - Use custom log handler to silence debug messages on old glib2
  - Fix tiny windows for secondary displays with gtk2 build
  - Take zoom into account when checkign display limits
  - Fix unshrinkable displays with windows guests
  - Allow  ctrl-[+-] to zoom in fullscreen mode

0.6.0: Jan 24, 2014

  - Require govirt 0.3.0
  - Require spice-gtk 0.22
  - Show error dialog if password is wrong
  - Document application/x-virt-viewer file format
  - Remove unused '-d' option from remote-viewer
  - Add a kiosk mode
  - Add menu for sending Ctrl+Alt+Delete
  - Add Ctrl+Alt+End as accelerator for Ctrl+Alt+Delete
  - Send modifiers before the non-modifier key in send
    key menu
  - Fix GTK warning when disconnecting from VNC due to
    auth error
  - Make 'Cancel' default button in exit dialog
  - Make send key menu accelerators work in fullscreen
  - Remove insecure fetching of oVirt CA cert
  - Build for GTK 3 by default
  - Fix title bar after failed connection
  - Reshow remote-viewer connection dialog upon error
  - Hide all windows upon disconnect
  - Add ability to define custom monitor mapping
  - Ensure all windows obey command line zoom level
  - Add an icon to the desktop file
  - Fix event loop implementation on Win32 platforms
  - Misc other bug fixes

0.5.7: Jul 31, 2013

  - Many fixes to full screen / window positioning handling
  - Reshow connect dialog if connection fails
  - Misc man page fixes
  - Mark RPM as obsoleting spice-client
  - Set the host subject to fix SSL connections with ovirt
  - Use -H as short variant of --hotkeys
  - Add missing trailing ';' in desktop file
  - Allow TLS only SPICE connections
  - Use dynamic key send menu
  - Enable smartcard shortcuts only when smartcard reader is present
  - Misc other bug fixes

0.5.6: Apr 12, 2013

  - Add ovirt:// support to remote-viewer (needs libgovirt)
  - Many fullscreen and multi-monitor fixes
  - Add a minimum version check in connection file
  - Fix sending key combinations from "Send Key" menu when the key names are
  - Fix build with older glib and gtk+
  - Fix MSI x64 build
  - Clean-ups (remove browser plugin entirely)

0.5.5: Feb 13, 2013

  - Improve screenshot saving dialog
  - remote-viewer learned to connect with a file of mime type
    application/x-virt-viewer, described in src/virt-viewer-file.c
  - Add a "do not ask me again" dialog checkbox when leaving
  - Add a MSI target, using
  - Add windows debug helper, useful in Spice controller running context
  - Add remote-viewer --title STRING
  - Support for Spice proxy settings added
  - Numerous Spice display and multi-monitor fixes
  - win32, memory, build, and other misc fixes
  - Requires spice-gtk >= 0.16.26

0.5.4: Sep 17, 2012

  - Fix host migration with Spice
  - Fix misc memory leaks
  - Fix build with newer glibc and -O0
  - Improve automatic fullscreen Spice configuration
  - Avoid crash when quiting application
  - Rebuild display men whenever a window is added/removed
  - Number displays starting from 1 instead of 0
  - Add support for handling multiple monitors with Spice
  - Menu display menu insensitive if no displays can be selected
  - Use real binary name in remote-viewer help message
  - Document -f=auto-conf in remote-viewer help

0.5.3: May 14, 2012

  - Add support for raw IPv6 addresses
  - Add a remote-viewer.desktop file and register spice:// handling
  - Add a simple connection dialog to remote-viewer
  - Add remote-viewer --fullscreen=auto-conf option, to update guest
    monitors configuration to match client
  - Spice controller support for disable-effects, color-depth and
  - Spice controller interaction fixes
  - Windows version and nsis installer improvements
  - Import newer translations from transifex
  - Misc reference leak / crash bugs fixed

0.5.2: Mar 09, 2012

  - Require libvirt >= 0.9.7, spice-gtk >= 0.11, spice-protocol >= 0.10.1
  - Import newer translations from transifex
  - remote-viewer learned Spice controller customizable key bindings,
    smartcard property, and foreign menu
  - Fix Spice crash on re-connection
  - Fix connecting via ssh to a password-protected server
  - Add a sendkey menu in fullscreen mode
  - Add USB device selection in fullscreen mode
  - Misc reference leak / crash bugs fixed

0.5.1: Feb 17, 2012

  - Import newer translations from transifex
  - Fix build system to ensure we don't loose GNU_RELRO
    security feature
  - Don't link virt-viewer binary against spice controller
  - Add back compat for GObject 2.22 which lacks GBinding

0.5.0: Feb 14, 2012

  - Add a remote-viewer binary for connecting to a SPICE/VNC
    server based on URI, instead of querying libvirt
  - Add ability to attach to a local VM via libvirt instead of
    connecting over UNIX sockets
  - Add support for SPICE controller
  - Allow build without libvirt, for remote-viewer only
  - Automatically resize guest desktop when resizing window with SPICE
  - Add support for redirecting host USB devices to remote guest
  - Grab focus when first showing the display
  - Register as a spice-xpi-client-remote alternative
  - Add pretty icon for virt-viewer app
  - Set transient window hints on all popups
  - Activate password 'Ok' button when pressing Enter
  - Support secure connections with SPICE
  - Don't hardcode 'localhost' for hostname

0.4.2: Nov  9, 2011

  - Fix exports of signal functions for GTK UI builder on Windows
  - Avoid crash if xmlParseURI fails
  - Fix inverted test for SSH port that broke tunnelling
  - Don't hardcode port numbers for SSH if not requested by user
  - Fix deadlock in event handling
  - Fix initial zoom level for all windows
  - Fix window title to include domain name
  - Fix hostname used when XML gives a wildcard IP address
  - Fix window title when waiting for domain to appear
  - Fix key shortcust for F9-F12 menus
  - Always ask libvirt for its canonical URI
  - Allow build without GTK-VNC (ie spice only)
  - Require GTK-VNC >= 0.4.3
  - Require SPICE-GTK >= 0.6.0

0.4.1: Aug  4, 2011

  - Remove bogus use of AM_GLIB_GNU_GETTEXT macro to try to
    facilitate BSD builds
  - Support multiple monitors with SPICE and QXL drivers
  - Don't hardcode SSH port to 22 when tunnelling

0.4.0: Jul 12, 2011

  - Require SPICE-GTK >= 0.6
  - Hide menu bar when going fullscreen
  - Support building against GTK2 or GTK3
  - Convert from Glade to GtkBuilder
  - Honour 'listen' attribute from <graphics> XML when connecting
  - Fix reconnection after authentication failure
  - Make --verbose flag actually do something
  - Enable scaling with SPICE to match VNC behaviour
  - Rewrite widget resizing code to (try to) be more reliable
  - Fill extra space outside guest display with black
  - Fix (null) in title bar while not connected
  - Fix multiple memory leaks
  - Fix reconnecting to display with SPICE

0.3.1: Feb 21, 2011

  - Fix typo in configure script that broke SPICE

0.3.0: Feb 21, 2011

  - Add support for SPICE graphics client
  - Allow connections to VNC server over UNIX sockets
  - Improve error messages on auth/connection failure
  - Add support for zoom levels
  - Many updated translations

0.2.1: Jan 15, 2010

  - Add infrastructure for translation
  - Display dialog to user if authentication fails
  - Display dialog to user if domain cannot be found
  - GTK/GLib best practice cleanups
  - Add Polish translation

0.2.0: July 20, 2009

  - Switch UI over to use Glade
  - Support graphical dialog for VNC and libvirt authentication
  - Resize window to match VNC desktop size where possible
  - Scale down VNC desktop if it cannot fit in host desktop space
  - Allow user to resize window to arbitrary size, scaling VNC
  - Fix blocking of accelerators
  - Allow automatic reconnect to a VM via --reconnect
  - Use libvirt events to detect when VM changes state
  - Wait for VM to appear if it does not exist
  - Fix plugin build with newer xulrunner
  - Port & build for Mingw32 target

0.0.3: March 10, 2008

  - Block accelerators when grab is active
  - Enable smooth scaling of desktop to fill screen
  - Added an experimental firefox plugin (disabled by default)
  - Hide characters in password entry field
  - Use domain name in title bar instead of VNC desktop name

0.0.2: August 28, 2007

  - Support connecting to remote libvirt servers
  - Support connecting to remote VNC consoles
  - Support tunneling VNC over SSH
  - Support TLS x509 certificate credentials

0.0.1: August 15, 2007

  - Initial release