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<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<!-- CTD2Galaxy depends on this file and on the stdio, advanced_options macros!
     You can edit this file to add your own macros, if you so desire, or you can
     add additional macro files using the m/macros parameter -->
  <xml name="requirements">
      <requirement type="binary">@EXECUTABLE@</requirement>
  <xml name="stdio">
      <exit_code range="1:"/>
      <exit_code range=":-1"/>
      <regex match="Error:"/>
      <regex match="Exception:"/>
  <xml name="advanced_options">
    <conditional name="adv_opts">
      <param name="adv_opts_selector" type="select" label="Advanced Options">
        <option value="basic" selected="True">Hide Advanced Options</option>
        <option value="advanced">Show Advanced Options</option>
      <when value="basic"/>
      <when value="advanced">