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package etcd

import (

// Instancer yields instances stored in a certain etcd keyspace. Any kind of
// change in that keyspace is watched and will update the Instancer's Instancers.
type Instancer struct {
	cache  *instance.Cache
	client Client
	prefix string
	logger log.Logger
	quitc  chan struct{}

// NewInstancer returns an etcd instancer. It will start watching the given
// prefix for changes, and update the subscribers.
func NewInstancer(c Client, prefix string, logger log.Logger) (*Instancer, error) {
	s := &Instancer{
		client: c,
		prefix: prefix,
		cache:  instance.NewCache(),
		logger: logger,
		quitc:  make(chan struct{}),

	instances, err := s.client.GetEntries(s.prefix)
	if err == nil {
		logger.Log("prefix", s.prefix, "instances", len(instances))
	} else {
		logger.Log("prefix", s.prefix, "err", err)
	s.cache.Update(sd.Event{Instances: instances, Err: err})

	go s.loop()
	return s, nil

func (s *Instancer) loop() {
	ch := make(chan struct{})
	go s.client.WatchPrefix(s.prefix, ch)
	for {
		select {
		case <-ch:
			instances, err := s.client.GetEntries(s.prefix)
			if err != nil {
				s.logger.Log("msg", "failed to retrieve entries", "err", err)
				s.cache.Update(sd.Event{Err: err})
			s.cache.Update(sd.Event{Instances: instances})

		case <-s.quitc:

// Stop terminates the Instancer.
func (s *Instancer) Stop() {

// Register implements Instancer.
func (s *Instancer) Register(ch chan<- sd.Event) {

// Deregister implements Instancer.
func (s *Instancer) Deregister(ch chan<- sd.Event) {