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2004-09-21  Eitan Zahavi  <>

	* IBNL: Major change in how Systems are defined. Instead of having
	a C++ module for each of the systems we now provide a netlist
	format called IBNL and a set of predefined IB netlists for the
	Mellanox provided systems.

2004-08-25  Eitan Zahavi  <>

	* TopoMatch : new capability to compare a discovered fabric (read
	from OpenSM subnet file) and a spec topology (read using
	parseTopology). Also build a merged fabric taking all matching
	names from the spec topoloy.

2004-06-30  Eitan Zahavi  <>

	* : rearrange the file according to the autotools

	* datamodel (new dir) : Rearrange the package by separating the
	datamodel from the applications.