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  SDL_mixer:  An audio mixer library based on the SDL library
  Copyright (C) 1997-2016 Sam Lantinga <>

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  The following file defines all of the functions/objects used to dynamically
  link to the libFLAC library.
    ~ Austen Dicken (


#include <FLAC/stream_decoder.h>

typedef struct {
    int loaded;
    void *handle;
    FLAC__StreamDecoder *(*FLAC__stream_decoder_new)();
    void (*FLAC__stream_decoder_delete)(FLAC__StreamDecoder *decoder);
    FLAC__StreamDecoderInitStatus (*FLAC__stream_decoder_init_stream)(
                        FLAC__StreamDecoder *decoder,
                        FLAC__StreamDecoderReadCallback read_callback,
                        FLAC__StreamDecoderSeekCallback seek_callback,
                        FLAC__StreamDecoderTellCallback tell_callback,
                        FLAC__StreamDecoderLengthCallback length_callback,
                        FLAC__StreamDecoderEofCallback eof_callback,
                        FLAC__StreamDecoderWriteCallback write_callback,
                        FLAC__StreamDecoderMetadataCallback metadata_callback,
                        FLAC__StreamDecoderErrorCallback error_callback,
                        void *client_data);
    FLAC__bool (*FLAC__stream_decoder_finish)(FLAC__StreamDecoder *decoder);
    FLAC__bool (*FLAC__stream_decoder_flush)(FLAC__StreamDecoder *decoder);
    FLAC__bool (*FLAC__stream_decoder_process_single)(
                        FLAC__StreamDecoder *decoder);
    FLAC__bool (*FLAC__stream_decoder_process_until_end_of_metadata)(
                        FLAC__StreamDecoder *decoder);
    FLAC__bool (*FLAC__stream_decoder_process_until_end_of_stream)(
                        FLAC__StreamDecoder *decoder);
    FLAC__bool (*FLAC__stream_decoder_seek_absolute)(
                        FLAC__StreamDecoder *decoder,
                        FLAC__uint64 sample);
    FLAC__StreamDecoderState (*FLAC__stream_decoder_get_state)(
                        const FLAC__StreamDecoder *decoder);
} flac_loader;

extern flac_loader flac;

#endif /* FLAC_MUSIC */

extern int Mix_InitFLAC();
extern void Mix_QuitFLAC();