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[This version of timidity has been stripped for simplicity in porting to SDL,
and then even further for SDL_sound]

        From :

        If you'd like to continue hacking on TiMidity, feel free. I'm
        hereby extending the TiMidity license agreement: you can now 
        select the most convenient license for your needs from (1) the
        GNU GPL, (2) the GNU LGPL, or (3) the Perl Artistic License.  


        This is the README file for TiMidity v0.2i

	TiMidity is a MIDI to WAVE converter that uses Gravis
Ultrasound(*)-compatible patch files to generate digital audio data
from General MIDI files. The audio data can be played through any
sound device or stored on disk. On a fast machine, music can be
played in real time. TiMidity runs under Linux, FreeBSD, HP-UX, SunOS, and
Win32, and porting to other systems with gcc should be easy.

	TiMidity Features:

	* 32 or more dynamically allocated fully independent voices
	* Compatibility with GUS patch files
	* Output to 16- or 8-bit PCM or uLaw audio device, file, or
          stdout at any sampling rate
	* Optional interactive mode with real-time status display
	  under ncurses and SLang terminal control libraries. Also
          a user friendly motif interface since version 0.2h
	* Support for transparent loading of compressed MIDI files and
	  patch files

	* Support for the following MIDI events:
	  - Program change
	  - Key pressure
	  - Channel main volume
	  - Tempo
	  - Panning
	  - Damper pedal (Sustain)
	  - Pitch wheel
	  - Pitch wheel sensitivity
	  - Change drum set

* TiMidity requires sampled instruments (patches) to play MIDI files. You
  should get the file "timidity-lib-0.1.tar.gz" and unpack it in the same
  directory where you unpacked the source code archive. You'll want more
  patches later -- read the file "FAQ" for pointers.

* Timidity is no longer supported, but can be found by searching the web.

                        Tuukka Toivonen <>

[(*) Any Registered Trademarks used anywhere in the documentation or
source code for TiMidity are acknowledged as belonging to their
respective owners.]