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Logbook Changelog

Here you can see the full list of changes between each Logbook release.

Version 0.10.0

Released on July 14th 2015

- Removed the global handler which was installed by default so far. The rationale is to ease adoption for 3rd party libraries who don't want output to go to stderr by default. The old behavior can still be restored by setting the LOGBOOK_INSTALL_DEFAULT_HANDLER environment variable
- Fix small Python 3 compatibility issues

Version 0.9.1

Released on May 4th 2015

- Minor fixes

Version 0.9.0

Released on February 12th 2015

- Added frame correction option, to properly mark log record origins (Thanks Roey Darwish)
- Fixed MailHandler infinite recursion bug (Thanks Tal Yalon)

Version 0.8.1

Released on November 30th 2014

- Fix support for gevent, along with various other fixes (Thanks Tal Yalon)

Version 0.8.0

Released on November 11th 2014. Codename "improve_some_more"

- Added Pushover handler (thanks @owo)
- Default logging format now includes seconds and microseconds (#110)
- Several fixes regarding possible deadlocks in log formatting (thanks Guy Rozendorn)
- Fixed packaging so that the speedups module now gets packaged by default (#122)
- ThreadedWrapperHandler now supports maxsize (#121) (thanks Ken Jung)
- Fixes in rotating handlers (thanks zhangliyong)
- Added Pushover handler (thanks Ossama W. Obeid)
- RedisHandler now supports lpush as an option (thanks Bruno Rocha)

Version 0.7.0

Released on May 12th 2014. Codename "not_just_yet"

- Restored Python 3.2 support (thanks @rnortman)
- NullHandlers now respect filters - allows to only drop/mute certain records (#73)
- redirect_logging now sets the legacy root logger's level to DEBUG by default. This can be changed by specifying `set_root_logger_level=False` (#96)
- Bugfixes

Version 0.6.0

Released on October 3rd 2013. Codename "why_not_production_ready"

- Added Redis handler (Thanks a lot @guillermo-carrasco for this PR)
- Fixed email encoding bug (Thanks Raphaƫl Vinot)

Version 0.5.0

Released on August 10th 2013.

- Drop 2.5, 3.2 support, code cleanup
- The exc_info argument now accepts `True`, like in the standard logging module

Version 0.4.2

Released on June 2nd 2013.

- Fixed Python 3.x compatibility, including speedups
- Dropped Python 2.4 support. Python 2.4 support caused a lot of hacks in the code and introduced duplication to the test code. In addition, it is impossible to cover 2.4-3.x with a single tox installation, which may introduce unwitting code breakage. Travis also does not support Python 2.4 so the chances of accidentally breaking this support were very high as it was...

Version 0.4.1

Released on December 12th. Codename "121212"

- Fixed several outstanding encoding problems, thanks to @dvarazzo.
- Merged in minor pull requests (see

Version 0.4

Released on October 24th.  Codename "Phoenix"

- Added preliminary RabbitMQ and CouchDB support.
- Added :class:`logbook.notifiers.NotifoHandler`
- `channel` is now documented to be used for filtering purposes if
  wanted.  Previously this was an opaque string that was not intended
  for filtering of any kind.

Version 0.3

Released on October 23rd.  Codename "Informant"

- Added :class:`logbook.more.ColorizingStreamHandlerMixin` and
- Deprecated :class:`logbook.RotatingFileHandlerBase` because the
  interface was not flexible enough.
- Provided basic Python 3 compatibility.  This did cause a few smaller
  API changes that caused minimal changes on Python 2 as well.  The
  deprecation of the :class:`logbook.RotatingFileHandlerBase` was a
  result of this.
- Added support for Python 2.4
- Added batch emitting support for handlers which now makes it possible
  to use the :class:`logbook.more.FingersCrossedHandler` with the
- Moved the :class:`~logbook.FingersCrossedHandler` handler into the
  base package.  The old location stays importable for a few releases.
- Added :class:`logbook.GroupHandler` that buffers records until the
  handler is popped.
- Added :class:`logbook.more.ExternalApplicationHandler` that executes
  an external application for each log record emitted.

Version 0.2.1

Bugfix release, Released on September 22nd.

- Fixes Python 2.5 compatibility.

Version 0.2

Released on September 21st.  Codename "Walls of Text"

- Implemented default with statement for handlers which is an
  alias for `threadbound`.
- `applicationbound` and `threadbound` return the handler now.
- Implemented channel recording on the log records.
- The :class:`logbook.more.FingersCrossedHandler` now is set to
  `ERROR` by default and has the ability to create new loggers
  from a factory function.
- Implemented maximum buffer size for the
  :class:`logbook.more.FingersCrossedHandler` as well as a lock
  for thread safety.
- Added ability to filter for context.
- Moved bubbling flags and filters to the handler object.
- Moved context processors on their own stack.
- Removed the `iter_context_handlers` function.
- Renamed `NestedHandlerSetup` to :class:`~logbook.NestedSetup`
  because it can now also configure processors.
- Added the :class:`logbook.Processor` class.
- There is no difference between logger attached handlers and
  context specific handlers any more.
- Added a function to redirect warnings to logbook
- Fixed and improved :class:`logbook.LoggerGroup`.
- The :class:`logbook.TestHandler` now keeps the record open
  for further inspection.
- The traceback is now removed from a log record when the record
  is closed.  The formatted traceback is a cached property
  instead of a function.
- Added ticketing handlers that send logs directly into a database.
- Added MongoDB backend for ticketing handlers
- Added a :func:`logbook.base.dispatch_record` function to dispatch
  records to handlers independently of a logger (uses the default
  record dispatching logic).
- Renamed `logger_name` to `channel`.
- Added a multi processing log handler
- Added a twitter handler.
- Added a ZeroMQ handler.
- Added a Growl handler.
- Added a Libnotify handler.
- Added a monitoring file handler.
- Added a handler wrapper that moves the actual handling into a
  background thread.
- The mail handler can now be configured to deliver each log record
  not more than n times in m seconds.
- Added support for Python 2.5
- Added a :class:`logbook.queues.SubscriberGroup` to deal with multiple
- Added a :class:`logbook.compat.LoggingHandler` for redirecting logbook
  log calls to the standard library's :mod:`logging` module.

Version 0.1

First public release.