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+ Pluralized words using gettext

+ Allow zooming in crop dialog (default to same view as main window so that
  the user can essentially 'crop visible' by clicking ok right away?)
+ why is light/dark grey no longer used for transparency? (argh)
+ Printing support (requires gtk 2.10, pygtk) (Bjoern Martensen)
+ Try to highlight selected region of cropped image (or darken unselected region)
+ remote images - load in separate thread to prevent blocking...
+ code cleanup... (preload_*, animtest stuff, rename funcs)
+ Location of thumbpane?

+ Ability to specify save compression level?
+ Test on Windows/Mac? (requires new pygtk)
+ Try to make zooming smoother (is this even possible with pygtk?)
+ UPnP support?
+ mirage --add to add image to current instance instead of opening
  new window