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:Authors: W. Trevor King <>;
          Paul Kienzle <>
:License: GNU General Public License, version 3+

Python parsers for Igor Binary Waves (.ibw) and Packed Experiment
(.pxp) files written by WaveMetrics' IGOR Pro software.



If `igor` already exists in your package manager's repository, you
should install `igor` in the usual way.


I've packaged `igor` for Gentoo.  You need layman_ and my `wtk
overlay`_.  Install with::

    # emerge -av app-portage/layman
    # layman --add wtk
    # emerge -av sci-misc/igor


If you're installing by hand or packaging `igor` for another
distribution, you'll need the following dependencies:

===========  =================  ============================
Package      Debian_            Gentoo_
===========  =================  ============================
Numpy_       python-numpy       dev-python/numpy
Matplotlib_  python-matplotlib  dev-python/matplotlib
Nose_        python-nose        dev-python/nose
===========  =================  ============================

Installing by hand

`igor` is available as a Git_ repository::

    $ git clone git://

See the homepage_ for details.  To install the checkout, run the

    $ python install

You can also automate this installation with pip_::

    $ pip install igor


See the docstrings and unit tests for examples using the Python API.
The package also installs to scripts, ```` and
```` which can be used to dump files to stdout.
For details on their usage, use the ``--help`` option.  For example::

  $ --help

For users transitioning from igor.py_, there's a compatibility module
exposing the old interface.  Just change::

  import igor


  import igor.igorpy as igor

in your calling code.


Run internal unit tests with::

    $ nosetests --with-doctest --doctest-tests igor test

The data in the ``test/data`` directory is in the Git repository, but
it is not bundled with the source code.  If you want the test data,
you'll have to clone the Git repository or download a snapshot.


This project is distributed under the `GNU Lesser General Public
License Version 3`_ or greater, see the ``COPYING`` file distributed
with the project for details.



W. Trevor King
Copyright 2008-2012

Release procedure

When a new version of the package is ready, increment __version__
in ``igor/`` and run update-copyright_::


to update the copyright blurbs.  Then run::

    $ python sdist upload

This will place a new version on PyPI.

.. _layman:
.. _wtk overlay:
.. _Debian:
.. _Gentoo:
.. _NumPy:
.. _Matplotlib:
.. _Nose:
.. _Git:
.. _homepage:
.. _pip:
.. _GNU Lesser General Public License Version 3:
.. _update-copyright: