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Upstream-Name: rastertosag-gdi

Files: rastertosag-gdi rastertosag-gdi.drv README ppd/*
Copyright: 2011 palz <>
License: GPL

Files: debian/*
Copyright: 2011 Till Kamppeter <>
           2011-2014 Didier Raboud <>
License: GPL

Files: debian/ubuntu/
Copyright: 2009 Canonical Ltd.
Author: Brian Murray <>
License: GPL

License: GPL
 CUPS raster filter for Ricoh Aficio SP1000s
 this printer uses SAG-GDI raster format by Sagem Communication
 licence: GPL
 created by palz <>
 Feb 2011, Moscow, Russia
 On Debian systems, the full text of the GNU General Public
 License can be found in the file