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rplay 3.3 README
Copyright (C) 1993-99 Mark R. Boyns <>

rplay is a flexible network audio system that allows sounds to be
played to and from local and remote Unix systems.  Sounds can be
played with or without sending audio data over the network using
either UDP or TCP.  rplay audio servers can be configured to share
sound files with each other.

Support for rplay is included in several applications.  These include
xpilot, xlockmore, xboing, fvwm, and ctwm.

The rplay audio server is known to work well on Linux, SunOS 4.1.x,
and Solaris 2.x.  FreeBSD, Irix, and HPUX are known to work but the
current status of these drivers is unknown.  Linux support is based on
the Open Sound System (OSS) driver so other systems using this driver
might work with a few modifications.

See the COPYING file for license information.
See the INSTALL file for compilation and installation instructions.
See the NEWS file for a list of user-visible changes.
See the PORTING file for help with porting rplay to other systems.
See the TODO file to find out what may be fixed/changed/implemented.

This distribution includes:

* rplayd - The rplay audio server.  Support for playing the following
  sound formats: AU, AIFF, WAV, VOC, UB, UL, G.721 4-bit, G.723 3-bit,
  G.723 5-bit, GSM.  Other formats such as MPEG 1.0/2.0 and Modules can
  also be played using helper conversion applications.  Sounds can also
  be played directly from CDROM.

* rplay - Sound player which communicates with rplayd to play sounds.

* rptp - Simple RPTP client.

* librplay - A library used by rplay clients to communicate with rplay
  servers.Supports both RPLAY and RPTP protocols.

* doc - rplay documentation.

* contrib - More rplay applications, pointers to programs that support
  rplay, and patches which add rplay support to several programs.

The rplay mailing list is located at <>.  To subscribe,
mail to <> with the word "subscribe".

The latest version of rplay is available at the following locations:

Send suggestions and bug reports to <>

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