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The below is included in Ubuntu's splix package as 'README.Debian', but this
is only relevent for developers:
 --Jeroen, June 2nd 2007

SpliX for Ubuntu Linux

This is the SpliX printer driver for Samsung's laser printers using the SPL2
(monochrome) and SPLc (color) printing languages.

The PPD files coming with this package (in ppd/) are generated with
"ppdc" of the CUPS DDK from based on the
instructions in the ppd/samsung.drv file. So ppd/samsung.drv is the
source code of the PPDs. In addition, CUPS DDK is free software, so
all requirements for the PPDs being in the main part of Ubuntu Linux
are fulfilled.

The ready-made PPD files are there for convenience, to not require
from the user to have CUPS DDK installed. As CUPS DDK does not make
part of Debian or Ubuntu yet, we use these PPDs instead of building

 -- Till Kamppeter <>, Fri, 12 Jan 2007 20:47:46 +0000