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  Virt Viewer

Virt Viewer provides a graphical viewer for the guest OS
display. At this time is supports guest OS using the VNC
or SPICE protocols. Further protocols may be supported in
the future as user demand dicatates. The viewer can connect
directly to both local and remotely hosted guest OS, optionally
using SSL/TLS encryption.

Virt Viewer can be built with either GTK2 or GTK3, with the
default option currently being GTK2. The choice can be made

   ./configure --with-gtk=3.0  (or =2.0)

Virt Viewer uses the GTK-VNC (>= 0.4.3) widget to provide a
display of the VNC protocol, which is available from

Virt Viewer uses the SPICE-GTK (>= 0.12.101) widget to provide a
display of the SPICE protocol, which is available from:

Use of either SPICE-GTK or GTK-VNC can be disabled at time
of configure, with --without-gtk-vnc or --without-spice-gtk

Virt Viewer uses libvirt to lookup information about the
guest OS display. This is available from

Further information about the Virt Viewer application can be
found on the Virt Manager website:

Feedback should be directed to the mailing list at

-- End